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Introduce young children to literacy by reading Doodling Dragons and playing phonemic awareness games. If the child has learned some phonograms or has enough interest to begin to learn some, include phonogram games to practice these phonograms as well. The Phonogram and Spelling Game Book is filled with ideas for engaging children with learning activities that lay the foundation for literacy (if you already have the Foundations A Teacher's Manual, you can find games in it as well). Begin Foundations lessons when the child is beginning to take an interest in letters and reading or is starting kindergarten.

The items above are either included in or compatible with the Foundations curriculum.

Foundations A is filled with fun games and learning activities. Complete one lesson over the course of 3-5 days. Do not rush. Rather enjoy learning how to segment words, the sounds of the letters, and setting the stage for literacy through play.

We suggest Foundations, beginning with Foundations A.

Students who know all the phonogram sounds and can read and write short vowel words are ready for Foundations B.

Should my student begin in Foundations C?
We do not recommend that any student begin Foundations past level B. In the first five lessons there are concepts taught that teachers with master’s degrees in reading tell us were new to them. This linguistic knowledge is then assumed throughout the rest of the Foundations program. Students ages 4-7 who are easily reading the texts in Foundations B will still benefit because they will be learning the phonograms and spelling rules. We suggest that teachers focus on spelling. In addition, these gifted students will use the knowledge gained about words and begin to apply it to larger words. Again and again we have heard teachers and parents say that their student’s reading skills have accelerated even faster with the tools gained in Foundations B.
If the style of the Foundations B lessons feels too young for a student, you may also begin with Essentials if the student is age seven or above.

We strongly suggest beginning with Foundations B and The Rhythm of Handwriting.
Use the materials in the Rhythm of Handwriting complete set to teach the lowercase letters before starting Foundations B.
For Foundations, order the level B books and all Foundations AB supplements not included in the Rhythm of Handwriting set.

You may also wish to consider beginning with Essentials plus the Rhythm of Handwriting. Essentials and Foundations begin at similar points, but use a different lesson style and have different emphases. To learn more, see the blog article Essentials or Foundations.

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