An evidence-based reading, spelling, and grammar program for students age 7 to adult.

Essentials provides all the tools required to read and spell 98% of the two million words in the English language. Essentials can be used as remedial instruction for struggling readers and spellers of any age or as the spelling, phonics, grammar, and basic reading skills component of your language arts program for children in second through fifth grade.

The flexibility of Essentials, combined with its systematic and linguistically accurate approach, makes it an ideal program for homeschoolers. The lessons adapt to a variety of teaching schedules, and numerous optional activities allow you to customize your instruction to the attention span, learning style, and ability level of your child. Free alternate advanced spelling lists for each lesson equip you to teach students of different ages together or review the material a second year with more advanced vocabulary.

“This program is the best thing that has happened in my journey to homeschooling my son. He was about 5 years behind when we started ... We have completed about 2/3 of the program and he has soared.”
Angie Collier, homeschool parent

Essentials teaches

“Our experience has been amazing! I now have my daughter enjoying learning spelling, reading and grammar vs. the countless hours of tears we had with previous programs. She loves LOE because she doesn’t even realize (at 6) that she is learning. ... It is not only helping her learn but (re)teaching me the English language and all the 'rules' that never truly made sense when I was in school.”
Melissa Mellor, homeschool parent

Curriculum details, sample pages, and a guided tour of Essentials
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