Reading and Spelling Curriculum for Homeschoolers

Homeschool parents and students agree: they love Logic of English!

Logic of English® creates easy-to-teach reading, spelling, and handwriting instruction for students of all ages, ability levels, and learning styles. Our materials use engaging, multi-sensory methods to teach phonemic awareness, systematic phonics, vocabulary development, fluency, spelling, handwriting, and reading comprehension.

Our goal in everything we create is to make success in reading possible for all students.

“My kids love this program and still ask to do it every day during our school time. And I love teaching it!”
Lexi, homeschool parent and blogger

Logic of English curriculum is:

  • Effective in helping emerging readers, remedial readers, dyslexic students, poor spellers, gifted readers, ESL students, and learners of all ages become proficient readers and spellers
  • Designed to be taught successfully without specialized training or teaching experience
  • Easy to navigate
  • Flexible and easy to customize for individual students
  • Multi-sensory, engaging, and fun!
  • Based on successful, evidence-based methods

“It's great! My favorite part is... there are so many fun parts that I can't decide!”
Ben, age 6

“I have been able to teach my 6th grade dyslexic child, my 4th grade strong reader and my 2nd grade emerging reader all at the same time, and actually enjoy it!”
Kyle Snead Thomas, homeschool parent

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