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In order to introduce students to the joy of reading as early as possible, foster confidence and success, and build children's fluency and comprehension, Foundations includes student readers for each level that are carefully controlled for the phonograms and spelling rules students have learned.

Colorful, engaging, and fun, Foundations Readers grow in complexity as students progress, guiding them step by step on the journey into independent reading!

Foundations A Readers Unlike most beginning readers that ask students to “picture read” and guess, the six Foundations A readers do not present any pictures with the words. Instead, students read the phrase, find the matching picture, cut it out, and glue it in place. This encourages the understanding that reading is about words and sounds! It is also a wonderful early comprehension activity. The A Readers are included in the student workbook.

  1. Pig!
  2. Dogs and Cats
  3. Dogs, Cats, and Rats!
  4. Dogs and Cats 2
  5. Kids
  6. Fun Dogs, Fun Pups

Foundations B Readers introduce students to multi-letter phonograms, silent E, and full sentences in the context of delightful fictional stories. The eight original readers for Foundations B are sold as a set in full-color paperback or PDF. These texts used to be provided in the back of the student workbook as tear-out pages, but have transitioned to individually-bound paperback booklets. The B readers are now sold separately.

  1. Fred the Frog
  2. Max
  3. Toys Play!
  4. Can Pete Pick a Pet?
  5. Quite a Farm!
  6. Kids Just Want to Have Fun
  7. Time to Bake
  8. My Best Game

Foundations C Readers include multi-syllable words, longer sentences, and fascinating, informative nonfiction. By the end of C, students have learned all 74 of the basic phonograms in English and all the spelling rules needed for decoding, so they are practicing all of these tools as they read! The eight C readers are now sold separately as a set of individually bound booklets.

1. Trains
2. Firefly
3. Kids Can Do Great Things
4. Ostriches
5. Robots
6. Dolphins
7. Ha Long Bay
8. Rickshaws

Foundations D Readers include longer paragraphs and introduce new vocabulary. They explore a variety of nonfiction topics, complementing and providing additional context for the children's fiction titles used in Foundations D lessons. The eight original readers for Foundations D are sold as a set in full-color paperback or PDF.

  1. The Arctic and the Antarctic: Polar Opposites
  2. Baby Birds
  3. Bears, Bears, and More Bears
  4. Carp: Unexpected Consequences
  5. My Nest is Best!
  6. Frog or Toad?
  7. Many Kinds of Feet
  8. Mouse and Mole

To see more excerpts from the readers, view our Foundations Sample Pages. To see them in use in the curriculum, take the Foundations Tour.

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