Foundations A

For the beginning reader

Foundations A sets the stage for reading with extensive phonemic awareness activities. While students learn to read and write lowercase a-z, they also practice decoding short vowel words and consonant blends through a variety of games and activities. By the end of Level A students are reading and comprehending phrases with lowercase letters and short vowels.

Most students begin with Foundations A, either in the beginning of kindergarten or in Pre-K.
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By the time they complete Level A, students will:
  • Have an awareness of how sounds are formed in the mouth
  • Blend and segment words auditorily (with no printed words)
  • Be able to identify the initial and final sound in a word and match it to the correct single-letter phonogram
  • Read all the sounds for A-Z
  • Write the lowercase alphabet in manuscript or cursive using the same innovative approach as our Rhythm of Handwriting program
  • Read consonant-vowel-consonant words
  • Be able to decode 87 high-frequency words with some fluency, and have the tools to decode hundreds more
  • Spell short vowel words
  • Read short vowel words with consonant blends
  • Read and comprehend phrases with all lowercase letters and short vowels
Foundations A includes:
  • 48 Lessons (40 instructional lessons and 8 Assessment and Review lessons)
  • 6 Student Readers that develop true reading comprehension skills rather than encouraging students to “picture read”
  • 22 Phonemic Awareness Games
  • 28 Phonogram Games
  • 10 Reading Comprehension Games
  • 2 High-Frequency Word Games

To teach Foundations A you will need:

Level A Teacher's Manual
Level A Student Workbook (cursive or manuscript)
Doodling Dragons: An ABC Book of Sounds

plus the following "reusable resources" used throughout Foundations (one-time purchase):
Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference
Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference Chart (cursive or manuscript)
Rhythm of Handwriting Tactile Cards (cursive or manuscript)
Phonogram Game Cards
Student Whiteboard
Basic Phonogram Flash Cards
Phonogram Game Tiles
Spelling Analysis Card

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