FAQs about LOE Webstore Purchases

Orders are shipped from our office in Minnesota by USPS, FedEx, or UPS. We typically ship orders out within two business days; the delivery time and cost varies with the location and the shipping method you choose. Learn more about shipping.

Digital products purched on our webstore are available for immediate download. Shortly after you order, you will receive an email with a link to each digital product you have purchased. Use this link to download and save your files. (If you do not see the email within a few minutes of ordering, you may need to check your spam folder.)
Learn more about downloadable products.

If you purchased a digital product from us before March of 2016 and need to download the file again, please contact us for a new link, since our new webstore provides PDF access differently. Learn more.

Yes. It depends on how your browser is set to handle downloads, but we suggest you try this:

In Adobe Reader or other PDF reader, open the File menu. Choose Save As, or the equivalent option.

Right-click (or option-click) the link to the PDF that appears in your internet browser, instead of simply clicking on it. Choose the Save As option (every browser uses different terminology, but there should be an option to choose where the link will be saved).

This depends on what you want and how you plan to use the program. We recommend PDFs for those who plan to use the curriculum digitally. We do not recommend ordering PDFs with the idea of printing the book yourself, because in many cases home printing costs more than the price of the printed version (the Essentials teacher's manual and workbook together are over 1,000 pages, and each Foundations teacher's manual and workbook is approximately 200 pages with full color). Learn more about digital products here.
Yes. PO information is available here.

Shipping is never free; it's just a question of whether or not the cost is built in to the product prices and whether some customers pay extra to subsidize lower shipping costs for others.

We've found that we can offer better pricing and fairer costs for all customers by offering transparent shipping, where shipping costs are not built in and the customer pays whatever the shipping actually costs for his or her order and address. Because we now offer lower prices on many of our products and 10% off complete sets, most orders actually cost less than they used to when some orders qualified for "free" shipping. Learn more.

Online, our curriculum is available through the Logic of English webstore. This is where most of our customers purchase.

You can also purchase Logic of English curriculum at conferences we attend and at a growing number of brick-and-mortar bookstores in the U.S. and Canada.

Our trade books, Uncovering the Logic of English, Sounding Out the Sight Words, and Doodling Dragons, are available at the LOE Webstore and through a number of online and storefront retailers, including Rainbow Resources, Amazon, and CBD.

Usually, yes. Our Complete Curriculum Sets are discounted by 10%, so there is a savings in ordering the package.

In some cases it may be more economical to order some items individually if you are starting multiple LOE curricula at once, since some items are included in more than one set. However, some items are helpful to duplicate:

So here is what we recommend.

Starting Foundations (beginning at Level A) and Essentials

Order the Foundations A-B Complete Set and the Complete Set for the first set of Essentials lessons. (Add the additional Essentials lessons as you need them.)

When you are ready for Foundations C, order the Foundations C-D Complete Set. You will get an extra set of Spelling Rule Flash Cards, but since the package discount is greater than the cost of these cards, the set is still a better value than buying each of the items individually.

Starting Foundations (beginning at Level B) and Essentials

Most students start Foundations at A, but in some cases B is a better fit (see Help Me Choose for guidance). If you are starting Foundations at B, order the Complete Set for the first set of Essentials lessons, plus the following individual items for Foundations:

  • Foundations B Teacher's Manual
  • Foundations B Student Workbook (manuscript or cursive)
  • Foundations B Readers
  • Whistling Whales
  • Basic Phonogram Cards (second set)
  • 1 deck of Bookface Phonogram Game Cards (second set)
  • 1 deck of either Cursive or Manuscript Phonogram Game Cards (second set)
  • Phonogram Game Tiles (second set - optional)
  • Rhythm of Handwriting Tactile Cards (manuscript or cursive)
  • Rhythm of Handwriting Quick Reference (manuscript or cursive)
  • Student Whiteboard

When you finish B, order the Foundations C and D Complete Set.

Starting Rhythm of Handwriting and Foundations

If the child is using Foundations, you do not need to purchase separate Rhythm of Handwriting materials for the same child. All handwriting materials are included.

If you are starting Foundations with some children and Rhythm of Handwriting with others (using the same handwriting style): we recommend you order the Foundations A-B Complete Set, plus the following student materials for each student doing Rhythm of Handwriting:

If you are teaching one handwriting style in Foundations and another in Rhythm of Handwriting, order Complete Sets in both.

Starting Rhythm of Handwriting and Essentials

There is no overlap between these sets, which are designed to complement each other. Order the Essentials 2nd Edition Complete Set and the Rhythm of Handwriting Cursive or Manuscript Complete Set.

Continuing to Essentials from Foundations

If you have already purchased the Foundations A-B and Foundations C-D sets and are continuing to Essentials, you already have most of the supplements you will need. The new materials you will need to add are:

  • Essentials Volume 1 Upgrade Set (includes Vol. 1 Teacher's Guide, Student Workbook Vol. 1, Morpheme Cards Set 1, new Spelling Analysis Card). If teaching multiple students, add additional Workbooks.
  • Spelling Journal (one per student)

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