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The second half of Essentials — now available!

Essentials Lessons 16-30

  • The second half of Essentials — lessons 16-30
  • Two lighter, more manageable Teacher's Guides: one for Lessons 16-22 and one for Lessons 23-30
  • All remaining basic phonograms
  • All remaining spelling rules, including suffixing rules
    and nine reasons for a Silent E
  • Advanced phonograms
  • More Latin and Greek roots
  • New grammar concepts, including more parts of speech, sentence types, verb tense and aspect, and more
  • 15 new spelling words for each level (A, B, and C) in every lesson—plus optional extra lists of common words used in grammar lessons

Concepts Covered

Learn what's taught in the second half of Essentials in the Essentials Scope and Sequence. Now includes the full lesson-by-lesson Scope & Sequence for all 30 Essentials lessons!

Take a look!
Download a sample Vocabulary lesson from Lesson 22.

Materials needed

Updates from Denise...

February 28, 2018

Lessons 23-30 are here, and Essentials is now complete! We began shipping pre-orders for Lessons 23-30 today.

All pre-orders for the Volume 2 Set, as well as all new orders for the set until April 8th, will also receive a free updated set of Logic of English Grammar Flash Cards. This new set contains a number of new concepts introduced in Lessons 16-30.

February 1, 2018

Lessons 16-22 are here! We began shipping pre-orders today. It will likely take us about a week to pack and ship all the U.S. pre-orders. Keep an eye out for an email when we ship yours! (International orders will ship when 23-30 arrive.)

The new teacher's guide is a great size. We are so glad we made the decision to split Volume 2 into two smaller books. We think you'll love them!

The files for Lessons 23-30 are now complete and at the printer. We expect to have these available to ship in early March.

January 19, 2018

Update from the printer:

Lessons 16-22 are coming soon! We expect to begin shipping hard copies by early February!

December 21, 2017

The files are headed to the printer!

Essentials Volume 2: Lessons 16-30

  • Pre-Order today! 
  • Volume 2 now printed as two books!  
    • Lessons 16-22 are at the printer this week.
    • Lessons 23-30 are written and in the final stages of editing.
      We will send them to the printer soon!
    • Volume 2 Set Pre-Orders will arrive in two shipments
      at no additional cost to you (US only).
      • Lessons 16-22 — expected from the printer in about eight weeks.
      • Lessons 23-30 — when they arrive from the printer. 
  • Start teaching today!
    • Get a PDF of Lessons 16-18 for FREE with Pre-order purchase of the Volume 2 Set.
    • To get the lessons, add the PDF to your cart along with the Volume 2 Set and use coupon code PreOrderPDF18.
Thank you to all of you who have waited so patiently!

Why two books?

  • Lugability - Those who teach standing up or do their schooling on the go found the size of the Volume 1 Teacher’s Guide difficult to manage. Volume 2 was on track to be almost 100 pages longer and would have weighed close to six pounds.
  • Durability - Volume 1 was proving to be too heavy for even its high-quality stitched binding. We want our books to last through years of teaching!
  • Flexibility - Teachers can further refine the timing of lesson purchase to meet the pace of students.
  • Affordability - Teacher's Manuals are only $37.50! Workbooks are $6!

October 25, 2017

The completion of Volume 2 is coming slowly, but steadily. We wanted to give you an update on the progress as we near the end of writing and shift our full focus to the editing process.

At this point, we are hoping to have printed copies of Volume 2 around the end of the year. We’ll have a better sense of the release date for the hard copies after we send the finished files to the printer; the printing process usually takes six to eight weeks. When we have an estimated arrival date from the printer, we will announce it in our newsletter and on our website.

Pre-release PDFs of the first nine lessons are available now, and we will continue to add new lessons to these until the PDFs are complete.

What are we working on in these remaining weeks?

I am nearing the end of the writing process. This week I finished Lesson 29. I have only a few sections of Lesson 30 left to write.

Other members of our team are reading, editing, proofing, and checking the lessons that are written, correcting errors they find and suggesting clarifications and revisions. Once I finish writing the last lesson, I will turn my attention to changes they have proposed, and we will work together to make any revisions that we think are necessary to improve the lessons.

We are also listening to feedback from those who are teaching Volume 2 with the Pre-Release PDFs. For example, earlier this month we heard from several people that some of the grammar lessons felt very long, much longer than those in Volume 1. It was something I had been wondering about myself, and the customers’ feedback was very helpful in confirming my thoughts. Our team ended up re-examining the pacing and making some significant shifts in what grammar content is introduced where. Spreading out these concepts has improved the flow of the Volume 2 lessons and made them a more manageable length.

The files will undergo numerous read-throughs, by at least five different pairs of eyes, before they go to press. This process is time-consuming and a bit unpredictable; sometimes a minor suggestion or question leads to a significant revision of some concept or section. The lessons are getting better and better each week. We are sorry that the development of this volume has taken so much longer than we anticipated.

Thank you all for your patience! Please be assured that we are working steadily to make sure that every lesson is effective, helpful, and clear, that every activity works as intended, and that every page of the manuscript is clean and correct.

We are so looking forward to sharing the final product with you.

June 22, 2017

We have been receiving a lot of questions about how far along I am with Essentials Volume 2. I know many of you are eagerly awaiting the second half of the curriculum. It has been a long and involved revision process, but I am absolutely certain that these changes are worth it and will have huge benefit for Essentials students.

My process with rewriting and expanding this volume has been different from any of the other books I have written. I wrote all the Phonogram sections, for every lesson in Volume 2. Then I wrote all the Spelling Rule sections. Then I wrote all the Exploring Sounds sections ...

As I worked through the progression in which we introduced the concepts in these lessons in the 1st (2012) edition of Essentials, I re-examined how the pieces fit together and build on each other from a variety of angles. Often, this resulted in restructuring or new content as I had "aha" moments about new ways to better explain a rule, or how introducing one concept earlier made several other pieces fit together more smoothly. This has also enabled me to add some new grammar concepts that the 1st edition of Essentials didn't cover.

Working through the lessons this way has taken a long time, but it has allowed me to think deeply about these different aspects of the content and continue to find better ways to explain it to students. I believe these changes will significantly improve the second half of Essentials!

Now the only parts that remain are finalizing the Spelling Lists, Vocabulary, Dictation, and Check Your Understanding for each lesson. I've written all sections of Lessons 16-19, and they are now in the editing stage. Today I am working on the remaining parts of Lesson 20. These sections are flowing well. We are getting ready to start making edited pre-release PDFs of the first few lessons available for those who are ready to start Volume 2 and would like to do so before all the lessons are finished, fully edited, and printed.

There is a lot of new content in Essentials Volume 2, and it has taken a long time to come together! We appreciate your enthusiasm and your patience.

February 22, 2017

At Logic of English, 2016 was a year of growing pains. As our message continued to expand to reach more people, we reached a point where I needed to pause development work on Essentials to lay a strong business foundation that could handle this growth.

In a few short months we rebuilt our webstore, adopted new accounting software, moved into new warehouse space, learned to drive a forklift, reorganized how we store files, and rethought almost every aspect of our business.

In September, we also hired a business manager, Paul Kampe, to take over most of these tasks full time. This has freed me up to dig back into Essentials!

I love writing lessons, and as always I am learning so much as I rework this curriculum to include more discovery activities, additional spelling lists, and new concepts about how our language works.

The expansion and rewriting of Essentials is a huge project, and we know now that we were overly optimistic about how long Volume 2 would take. Please accept our apologies for the delay. It is taking shape week by week; please know that we will have it available for you as soon as we can.

If you have taught Volume 1, I would enjoy hearing your thoughts as I continue this work. Your feedback and enthusiasm are an inspiration to me!

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