Starting August 1

In development, coming in 2017—
the second half of Essentials 2nd Edition!


2nd Edition, Volume 2

  • Second half of Essentials — lessons 16-30
  • All remaining basic phonograms
  • All remaining spelling rules, including suffixing rules
    and nine reasons for a Silent E
  • Advanced phonograms
  • More Latin and Greek roots
  • New grammar concepts, including parts of speech, sentence types, verb tenses, and more
  • 15 new spelling words for each level in every lesson

Concepts Covered

Learn what's taught in Volume 1 and Volume 2 in the Essentials Scope and Sequence.

Materials needed to teach Essentials Volume 2:

For those who have finished Volume 1:

Volume 2 is scheduled for release later in 2017.

If you have finished Volume 1, learn more about our pre-release PDFs coming August 1, or see Ideas while waiting for Essentials Volume 2 on the LOE Blog.

Updates from Denise...

June 22, 2017

We have been receiving a lot of questions about how far along I am with Essentials Volume 2. I know many of you are eagerly awaiting the second half of the curriculum. It has been a long and involved revision process, but I am absolutely certain that these changes are worth it and will have huge benefit for Essentials students.

My process with rewriting and expanding this volume has been different from any of the other books I have written. I wrote all the Phonogram sections, for every lesson in Volume 2. Then I wrote all the Spelling Rule sections. Then I wrote all the Exploring Sounds sections ...

As I worked through the progression in which we introduced the concepts in these lessons in the 1st (2012) edition of Essentials, I re-examined how the pieces fit together and build on each other from a variety of angles. Often, this resulted in restructuring or new content as I had "aha" moments about new ways to better explain a rule, or how introducing one concept earlier made several other pieces fit together more smoothly. This has also enabled me to add some new grammar concepts that the 1st edition of Essentials didn't cover.

Working through the lessons this way has taken a long time, but it has allowed me to think deeply about these different aspects of the content and continue to find better ways to explain it to students. I believe these changes will significantly improve the second half of Essentials!

Now the only parts that remain are finalizing the Spelling Lists, Vocabulary, Dictation, and Check Your Understanding for each lesson. I've written all sections of Lessons 16-19, and they are now in the editing stage. Today I am working on the remaining parts of Lesson 20. These sections are flowing well. We are getting ready to start making edited pre-release PDFs of the first few lessons available for those who are ready to start Volume 2 and would like to do so before all the lessons are finished, fully edited, and printed.

There is a lot of new content in Essentials Volume 2, and it has taken a long time to come together! We appreciate your enthusiasm and your patience.

February 22, 2017

At Logic of English, 2016 was a year of growing pains. As our message continued to expand to reach more people, we reached a point where I needed to pause development work on Essentials to lay a strong business foundation that could handle this growth.

In a few short months we rebuilt our webstore, adopted new accounting software, moved into new warehouse space, learned to drive a forklift, reorganized how we store files, and rethought almost every aspect of our business.

In September, we also hired a business manager, Paul Kampe, to take over most of these tasks full time. This has freed me up to dig back into Essentials!

I love writing lessons, and as always I am learning so much as I rework this curriculum to include more discovery activities, additional spelling lists, and new concepts about how our language works.

The expansion and rewriting of Essentials is a huge project, and we know now that we were overly optimistic about how long Volume 2 would take. Please accept our apologies for the delay. It is taking shape week by week; please know that we will have it available for you as soon as we can.

If you have taught Volume 1, I would enjoy hearing your thoughts as I continue this work. Your feedback and enthusiasm are an inspiration to me!

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