Essentials 1st Edition (2012)

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The SCIENCE of Reading and the ART of Teaching

The Logic of English® Essentials curriculum uses proven, research-based methods to teach students ages 7 to adult to read, spell, and write successfully. Easy to use, engaging, and fun, Essentials improves the spelling and reading skills of all learners by providing linguistically accurate phonics instruction, fluency practice, morphology and vocabulary development, grammar, and composition.

For every learner and every teacher
Clear instructions and scripted lessons allow teachers, tutors, and parents to learn alongside their students, developing their own understanding of the structure of English as they teach. Multi-sensory instruction and a variety of multi-sensory exercises allow teachers to customize the curriculum for the needs of their students, paving the way to success in reading for all kinds of learners.

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First edition of Essentials is on sale!
Essentials Teacher's Manuals, 1st Edition are still available in a digital format at a significantly discounted closeout price.

First edition Student Workbooks are available in PDF format, licensed for individual/family use. An annual classroom license is also available.

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Sample Pages

Click the links below to view excerpts from the 1st edition of our Essentials curriculum. All files are in PDF format.

Teacher's Manual
Student Workbook

To view optional Advanced Spelling Lists for each Essentials 1st edition lesson, visit the free resources section of our Resources page.

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