The Logic of English for English Language Learners

The Logic of English® series offers English language learners an efficient way to master English reading, spelling, writing, and grammar. The materials also boost speaking and listening skills through vocabulary development, teaching students to hear and pronounce the 45 sounds of English, and systematic instruction in English sentence structure.

Learning English with Essentials

The Logic of English Essentials curriculum is ideal for teaching reading, writing, and sentence structure to English language students ages 8 to adult.

Each lesson begins with learning a new multi-letter phonogram or spelling rule and practicing the sounds of English with Exploring the Sounds activities. Plenty of practice activities are included to ensure that all students master the basic building blocks of English words.

Fifteen high-frequency vocabulary words are taught in Part 2 of each lesson. Sample sentences are included, as well as detailed explanations of why each word is read and spelled in a particular manner. Numerous derivative words are also included, which can be used to rapidly expand students’ vocabularies.

Part 3 of each lesson consists of a grammar lesson, followed by vocabulary development, dictation, and composition activities.

  • In the grammar lessons, students learn how to assemble the words they are learning into phrases, then simple sentences, and later increasingly complex sentences. Teaching students systematically ensures they understand how to assemble words into English sentences when writing. Grammar lessons also cover usage, punctuation, and common errors.
  • Vocabulary development activities teach students how to master a large English vocabulary efficiently by explaining the relationship between roots, suffixes, and prefixes as they are combined in English to form new words.
  • Students then have the opportunity to practice the phonograms, rules, words, and grammar through dictation and composition activities. Each step of the way students are supported so that they master the material and are not left to guess.

Numerous optional practice activities are included in the Teacher’s Manual in order to provide ELL students with sufficient practice to ensure mastery.

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Settings where Logic of English is beneficial for ELL

  • Elementary ESL classes
  • Middle School and High School ESL classes
  • College ESL classes
  • TOEFL preparation
  • EFL reading classes
  • Private tutoring
  • Personal study
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