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Beginning a grassroots movement to reverse the literacy crisis, one person at a time.

Dear friends and fans of LOE,

If you have read Uncovering the Logic of English, are convinced that teaching the underlying rules and phonetic system is an essential part of teaching reading and solving the literacy crisis, and want to join us in bringing change, I challenge you to pass the book on to others. Give copies to teachers, principals, school administrators, parents, your local PTA, friends, etc. Or simply point them to this website, our blog, or our Youtube channel for more information and resources. Together we can educate the public about the need to teach students using a systematic phonics approach.

When presenting Uncovering to others, remember to thank teachers for their efforts and dedication and to offer it as a gift in a positive manner. Most K-12 teachers have not had adequate training in the basic building blocks of English. Though they are dedicated, they cannot teach what they do not know. My own reading methods classes in graduate school were distinctly lacking in systematic phonics training. As I have given introductory presentations around the country, teachers have confirmed that they too have not learned this material in their training.

If you have found the logic of English, and feel as passionately as I do about the need to educate the public and change how we think about English, I challenge you to do so by honoring those out in the field. This movement will only begin when we work together in respect for one another.

Denise Eide
President, Pedia Learning Inc.
Author, Uncovering the Logic of English and Logic of English Essentials, Foundations, and Rhythm of Handwriting

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Logic of English Parties

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IDEAS of what to do at your LOE Gathering:

WHAT: Schedule a time to gather friends, neighbors, and teachers who want to learn more about Logic of English.

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WHY: At Pedia Learning we desire to change how reading is taught in our lifetimes. However, the only way this will happen is for people to begin to share with one another. Therefore, we thought it would be a great idea to equip people with the tools to go into their communities. And for doing the work of gathering an event, we would like to thank you with 10% of the sales.

HOW: For more information, contact us with your date and location (include city and state). We will provide you with information on hosting an event, and set you up with a coupon code for 10% off and free shipping for group orders that total more than $500. After your event, tally up all of the items ordered and submit the order at store.LogicOfEnglish.com using the coupon code. We will ship the entire order to the host of the event, to distribute the items to event participants.

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