Temple Grandin and Uncovering the Logic of English

I feel very honored that Temple Grandin agreed to read "Uncovering the Logic of English." Here is her full statement.

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Uncovering the Logic of English available for Kindle and iBooks

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Blogger Reviews Uncovering the Logic of English

Check out Cathie Baier's blog review of Uncovering the Logic of English.

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Testing New Logic of English Curriculum

I have been writing the reading and spelling curriculum to go along with Uncovering the Logic of English. In my experience as a teacher, language arts have usually been taught in a fragmented manner. Teachers use one reading curriculum, a different one for spelling, another for grammar and usage, etc. Yet all these subjects are integral to learning to become fluent readers and writers in English.

I have taken a different approach. Logic of English will cover phonics, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage all in one curriculum. It simply makes so much sense. The program builds from one concept to the next incrementally, guiding students and providing support. In this manner all children can succeed.

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The Phonogram Flash Cards Have Arrived!

The Phonogram Flash Cards have arrived and they are beautiful! The 4.5 x 6 inch size is perfect for both the classroom and individual tutors. They are coated in a matte finish for durability with minimal glare. The front includes a simple picture of the phonogram, while the back includes a pronuncaition key, sample words, and spelling aids. For only $18 a set these are a great buy. After Uncovering the Logic of English, these are the most vital teaching aid for improving students' reading and spelling.

Uncovering Goes to Press

Uncovering the Logic of English is now at the printer! Our official release date is February 1, 2011. The Phonogram cards, Spelling Rule cards, Phonogram CD and MP3, and a Quick Reference Guide are also in production and close to printing!

I am looking forward to using the new flash cards in my classrooom. They are on heavy paper, coated so they will not need laminating.

2011 Conventions Added


Denise will be appearing and speaking at the following conventions in the upcoming year.

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