Special Update Newsletter 9

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Uncovering PDF Available!

Uncovering the Logic of English is now available as a downloadable PDF, in addition to the paperback and ePub eBook formats. Find it here.

August 2012 Newsletter

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Teacher Training Video Course

FREE Teacher Training Video Course Now Available.

See the whole course on the Teacher Training Video Course page.

Uncovering 2nd Edition

The 2nd edition is here! With added information about how morphology is formative to English spelling and comparative spellings, this title should be on the the desks of all teachers, parents, and students of English. Find it here.

Logic of English Essentials Review 2

The Logic of English - the name alone draws you in!

I was placing a small order on Amazon and had not yet met the $25 free shipping mark. Then I remembered I had wanted to purchase Uncovering the Logic of English. I added it to my cart and made my purchase. It was one of the BEST purchases I have made in a long time! I read all the way through to chapter 15 the first night. I was hooked!! I knew The Logic of English Essentials curriculum was something I really needed to look into further for my son. The next night I spent hours pouring over The Logic of English website. I downloaded the samples and studied them for a couple of days. I was sold. I knew this would be a curriculum worth investing in. Wow, was I right!!

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March 2012 Newsletter

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December 2011 Newsletter

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Updated Spelling Rule and Phonogram Flashcards

We have updated two Basic Phonogram flashcards and a Spelling Rule.

1) A minor typo has been corrected on the TCH Basic Phonogram Flash Card. The back of the card now reads "Three letter /ch/ used after a single vowel that is not long."

2) We have added the long /e/ sound to the "I" card. While writing the Essentials Curriculum I analyzed thousands of words. In that process I discovered that "I" says the long /e/ sound more commonly than it says the /y/ sound. Therefore the "I" basic phonogram flash card now has four sounds which correspond to the sample words it, ivy, stadium, onion. "I" frequently says the long /e/ sound in Latin root words.

3) It is also possible to predict when "I" will say the long /e/ sound. "I" says long /e/ at the end of the syllable, before another vowel. We have added this phrase to Spelling Rule Card 7. It now reads: Y says long /e/ only at the end of a multi-syllable base word. I says long /e/ at the end of a syllable that is followed by a vowel.

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