December 2016 Newsletter - Buy one, give one book sharing special

In this issue: Buy one, give one book special, introducing Whistling Whales and Knitting Knights, new on the Blog

In this issue: Buy one, give one book special, introducing Whistling Whales and Knitting Knights, new on the Blog
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Give the gift of a book, get a free copy to share!

Through Dec. 31, 2016, order a copy of Doodling Dragons or Uncovering the Logic of English, and add a short note to your order telling us about who you'd like to give a second copy to and why. We'll include a second copy of the book in your order for free for you to give away!

Who would benefit from a book about the logic of English words? Your local library? A relative or friend? It's up to you to decide ...

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The Doodling Dragon has some new friends...

Knitting Knights and Whistling Whales!

Multi-letter phonogram books coming in 2017

 The Doodling Dragon

Denise Eide is teaming up again with Ingrid Hess, the artist who illustrated Doodling Dragons: An ABC Book of Sounds, to bring you two new children's books!

Whistling Whales and Knitting Knights introduce children to the sounds of 48 multi-letter phonograms, building on the foundation of single-letter phonograms introduced in Doodling Dragons. Ingrid is working on illustrations for the text this winter, and both books are scheduled for release in 2017!

Whistling Whales will introduce the phonograms taught in Foundations B, while Knitting Knights introduces the remaining multi-letter phonograms, which are taught in Foundations C. Denise's playful, funny verses and Ingrid's whimsical illustrations are sure to entertain and delight young children while laying a foundation for reading! Along with the A-Z phonograms taught in Doodling Dragons, these new books help children encounter all the sounds of English and the 74 basic phonograms we use to write them in words.

These books are a great introduction to the multi-letter phonograms and their sounds for any young child! They can also be used with Foundations B and C as another fun way to discover and enjoy the sounds of each phonogram.

Here are some black and white drafts, for those of you who would like a preview of what's in the works!

Whistling Whales draft - CH

Knitting Knights draft - UR

Knitting Knights draft - IR

We look forward to sharing the final, full-color, hardbound books with you soon! 

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