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In this edition...July Teacher Training. Conferences. A great new resource: Sounding Out the Dolch List with Logic of English. The LOE Affiliate Program.

Five days left to register for our
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Logic of English Master Teacher Training Course
Rochester, Minnesota
July 27-31, 2015
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Homeschool Conferences
Thank you to all of you who have visited our booth and attended Logic of English presentations at homeschool conferences this year! Our two remaining conferences this summer are in Texas and Georgia. See our online schedule and conference map.

Free Resource of the Month:

Sounding Out the Dolch List with Logic of English!

This summer's free resource is an amazing tool for parents and teachers who want to teach their students why English words are spelled the way they are, using the tools taught in Logic of English, but who do not currently have the option to teach LOE curriculum and are required to have children memorize the high-frequency words in the Dolch List.

Underlying the emphasis on memorizing these words by rote is the belief that many of them are exceptions that cannot be decoded. In fact, most of the Dolch words follow consistent and logical rules of English spelling and can be decoded by any child who has been taught the rules. Only 5% of them contain a sound or phonogram that is an actual exception to the rules, and most of these are easily understandable when children are taught about how the spelling reflects the word's meaning or how the pronunciation has changed.

Now, instead of memorizing these 315 words by rote, one by one, and having no additional reading ability beyond those words to show for it, your child can learn how to read all of the Dolch words by learning only 65 concepts—while simultaneously acquiring the tools to read thousands of additional words!

Sounding Out the Dolch List with Logic of English is a series of sixty-six mini-lessons written by Denise Eide and LOE parent Cindy Kringelis. Each lesson is designed to take the place of a sight word flash card drill and takes five to ten minutes. Simply teach the concept by following the written instructions on the back, and then help your child apply it in sounding out the words on the front. The green columns provide Dolch words and other common words that use only this lesson's concept and the first sounds of A-Z; the optional blue column words provide additional practice with both this concept and concepts from previous lessons.

Help your children start out on the right foot in reading by learning these words through critical thinking and linguistically accurate phonics tools! The entire series will be available for purchase as a set at the LOE store, but for the next eight weeks we will also be sharing one lesson a day on the Logic of English blog - for free! 

A note of caution: these mini-lessons are still only a taste of the material taught in Logic of English curriculum, so you may find yourself wanting more! Don't say we didn't warn you...

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