PDF changes and sale

Due to low demand, we will be discontinuing the PDF versions of some of our products on March 31, 2019.

However, they are still available until then — and they're on sale!

Many PDF products will still be available

We will continue to sell many of our PDFs, including Foundations and Essentials Teacher’s Manuals, trade books like Uncovering the Logic of English and Doodling Dragons, and products that are only available in digital format. Most of these products are designed for use on a tablet.

The following items will be discontinued in April:

  • Single Student/Family License Workbook PDFs
  • Foundations and Essentials Reader PDFs
  • Flash Cards and Phonogram Game Tile PDFs

Coupon Code

Save 10% on all closeout PDF products with coupon code PDF10. Get them before they're gone! Order by March 31, 2019. (Note that the code only applies to the products that will be discontinued, not the many PDF products that we are continuing to sell.)

Why the change?

Originally, we thought that offering PDF versions of our products would be very helpful for international customers and those who prefer to print their own books. However, we have actually sold far fewer of the PDF workbooks and supplements than we anticipated and found that almost all customers prefer — and have a better experience with — printed books. Self-printing workbooks and readers is VERY expensive, and printing and cutting your own flash cards has proven time-consuming and complicated for customers. Even many of our international customers have chosen to pay international shipping rather than purchase PDFs.

Many of our products that work well on a tablet or laptop, such as our teacher's manuals, have been very popular in PDF versions. We will continue to make these products available digitally for those who want to use them in that format.

We'll also be continuing to sell our PDF-only products, such as the Foundations C Copywork Supplement and the Teacher Training Manual for our online training course, and digital copies of our trade books, since these work well on a Kindle or tablet and are quite popular in PDF format.

Why are you announcing this now?

While almost all of our customers prefer printed supplements and workbooks and have a better experience with the curriculum that way, we know that a small number of LOE users have really liked using PDFs. We want all our current customers who want these digital products to have an opportunity to get them.

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We would love your feedback as we consider what PDF products to offer in the future.

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