LOE Party - Summer 2015!

Spread the word about LOE. Earn cash back.
Host a Logic of English party!

The Details:

  1. Contact us with the party date (choose a date before September 30, 2015, and give us at least two weeks' notice). Let us know which curriculum(s) you'd like to see.
  2. We will send you a curriculum sample set, a return shipping label, fliers, and a group coupon code.
  3. If you'd like help choosing a video to share or have other planning questions, let us know. We can help!
  4. Meet together with friends, fellow homeschoolers, or neighbors to spread the news that English is not illogical and every student can learn to read!
  5. Place one group order at the LOE Webstore, using your coupon code. Orders over $800 will receive free shipping, 10% off the entire order, and a 5% cash back bonus as a thank you for the host!
  6. Ship the display set back to us, using the prepaid return shipping label. 
  7. When your order arrives, deliver the items to each person. 

Party Ideas

  • Show your LOE curriculum and share why you love it.
  • Serve tea and dessert.
  • If you are teaching Logic of English already, have your children share about what they are learning!
  • Share your favorite spelling rules.
  • Host a night to encourage parents of struggling readers.
  • Watch a free Logic of English presentation
  • Host a training or workshop, on your own or with an LOE video
  • Play a phonogram game
  • Host a book club and read Uncovering the Logic of English together.

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