Testing New Logic of English Curriculum

I have been writing the reading and spelling curriculum to go along with Uncovering the Logic of English. In my experience as a teacher, language arts have usually been taught in a fragmented manner. Teachers use one reading curriculum, a different one for spelling, another for grammar and usage, etc. Yet all these subjects are integral to learning to become fluent readers and writers in English.

I have taken a different approach. Logic of English will cover phonics, spelling, grammar, punctuation, and usage all in one curriculum. It simply makes so much sense. The program builds from one concept to the next incrementally, guiding students and providing support. In this manner all children can succeed.

Today I taught Lesson 4 of the Accelerated Level to a group with varying proficiency levels. I was very pleased. The most advanced student learned a few new facts about English and the least advanced student made huge gains.

I am also excited about the approach of discovery teaching. Rather than telling the students the rules, teachers provide opportunities for the students to deduce them. This creates better long term memory, engages the students, and teaches them how to analyze language.

I will be looking forward to posting lessons for Beta testing!

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