Whistling Whales

Beyond the Sounds of ABC


By Denise Eide
Illustrated by Ingrid Hess

Listen, giggle, laugh, and learn!

The single letters of the alphabet do not tell the whole story of English. Forty-eight letter teams, called multi-letter phonograms, work together to make specific sounds in English words. When children learn all the sounds made by each phonogram, they take a giant leap toward becoming strong readers and spellers.

With its playful text and lively illustrations, Whistling Whales builds on the single-letter phonograms introduced in Doodling Dragons: An ABC Book of Sounds to introduce children to twenty-one multi-letter phonograms.

Did you know?

  • CH makes three sounds: chimp, school, charades
  • IGH always says long I: bright, light, high

Learning all the phonograms used regularly in English words and all the sounds they represent helps children lay a strong foundation for reading and spelling success throughout life.

The phonograms introduced in Whistling Whales are taught in level B of our Foundations curriculum. Discover the remaining twenty-seven multi-letter phonograms, which are taught in Foundations C, in Knitting Knights: Beyond the Sounds of ABC. Whistling Whales is a great way to explore the sounds of each new phonogram as you teach it in Foundations B, or to introduce these key building blocks of English to any young child.

From Denise Eide, author of Uncovering the Logic of English, and artist Ingrid Hess, this playful introduction to the multi-letter phonograms opens the door for children to hear, say, recognize, and read these foundational building blocks of English words.

46 pages

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