Sixty-six instant lessons for parents and teachers. A great introduction to the Logic of English!

Sounding Out the Sight Words

A Guide to Teaching the Dolch Words through Phonics
Easily teach your students the tools they need to sound out the Dolch words —and thousands of additional words!

Sounding Out the Sight Words: A Guide to Teaching the Dolch Words through Phonics is a powerful tool for parents and teachers who want (or are required) to teach their students the high-frequency words in the Dolch List, but who want, instead of forcing rote memory of whole words through flash card drill, to teach students the phonics tools needed to understand, sound out, and read the words with concepts taught by the Logic of English.

The sixty-six lessons were created in collaboration between Logic of English author Denise Eide and parent Cindy Kringelis. The initial inspiration and structure were Cindy’s; she wanted to help her daughter master the sight words taught by her school and, after reading Denise’s book Uncovering the Logic of English, created this series of "instant lessons" to help educators and parents teach the Dolch words logically through phonics using the concepts she had learned.

With these “instant lessons,” rather than teaching one new sight word each day for your child to memorize, you teach one bite-size phonics concept each day in a two- to ten-minute lesson. The child practices the new concept by reading it in the context of Dolch words and other high-frequency words. In sixty-six lessons, instead of learning sixty-six Dolch words, students gain the tools to read all 315—as well as thousands of other words!

Learn more about phonics and sight words on our High-Frequency Words page.

Product Information

Format: eBook (PDF)
Pages: 174
Dolch words taught: 315 (the 220 on the Dolch list, plus the 95 Dolch nouns)
Other words decodable with concepts taught: thousands!
Lessons: 66

Ways to learn more

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