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Uncovering 2nd Edition

The 2nd edition is here! With added information about how morphology is formative to English spelling and comparative spellings, this title should be on the the desks of all teachers, parents, and students of English. Find it here.

Y Says the Long /e/ Sound

Some systematic programs based upon Orton-Gillingham teach students that the Y says the short /i/ sound at the end of words such as baby, ready, and silly.

Many people therefore ask me, why do you add the long /e/ sound to Y?

Before I explain why I teach Y with four sounds, I want to make it clear that the programs that do not teach the long /e/ sound are still great programs. This is not a make-it-or-break-it point. Rather it is one way of systematizing the linguistic structure of English.

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Tips for Teaching English Words with the Schwa Sound

The schwa sound is the sound a vowel makes in an unaccented syllable. The schwa sound is a vital part of the rhythm of English pronunciation and is heard in most multi-syllable words and in a few one-syllable words that do not receive the accent in the sentence.

There are two ways to help students to master spelling words that include the schwa sound.

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Reasons for Silent Final E's

There is a common myth in English that many of the silent final E's were once pronounced. In reality more than 98% of silent final E's fulfill a purpose within the language and were added either as a diacritic marker or to serve a linguistic or grammatical purpose.

The eight most common reasons for a silent final E were never pronounced.

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LoE Cursive and Manuscript Fonts

Logic of English Handwriting Fonts for Cursive and Manuscript

Logic of English has developed a style of handwriting that is developmentally appropriate for young students and to aid students who struggle with handwriting, and we have had a custom font developed to match our requirements.

Each letter is designed to require a minimal amount of fine motor skill, with attention to developing rhythmic handwriting.

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Logic of English Essentials Review 2

The Logic of English - the name alone draws you in!

I was placing a small order on Amazon and had not yet met the $25 free shipping mark. Then I remembered I had wanted to purchase Uncovering the Logic of English. I added it to my cart and made my purchase. It was one of the BEST purchases I have made in a long time! I read all the way through to chapter 15 the first night. I was hooked!! I knew The Logic of English Essentials curriculum was something I really needed to look into further for my son. The next night I spent hours pouring over The Logic of English website. I downloaded the samples and studied them for a couple of days. I was sold. I knew this would be a curriculum worth investing in. Wow, was I right!!

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March 2012 Newsletter

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The Logic of English Handwriting Style

In developing Logic of English curriculum we knew that models for handwriting would be important for struggling students. Since we are convinced that cursive is the best way to teach handwriting we began our search for a cursive font to use in our program.

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