April 2013 Newsletter

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Foundations B Is Here!

Foundations Level B has arrived and is being shipped now.

Advanced Phonograms

The seventy-four basic phonograms are commonly found in English. They are encountered frequently during reading and spelling either because they are used to spell a large number of English words or because they are used in high frequency words. In contrast an advanced phonogram is not commonly used in the language. For example: the phonogram PN is found in Greek-based words such as pneumonia and pnuematic. Since these phonograms are used in advanced vocabulary or infrequently, in Logic of English curriculum they have been termed Advanced and are therefore categorized for learning at a later stage.

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Phonics with Phonograms 1.1.1

To our loyal customers,

We've traveled to conferences all over the United States to talk about Logic of English and how to fight illiteracy. We are excited to see the ideas beginning to take hold and humbled that you have chosen to use the tools we crafted for you and your students. Your emails, your phone calls, your blog posts, your reviews have been constructively critical, encouraging, and fruitful. The purchases you make are the very resources that allow us to continually create and improve our products, and your excellent feedback helps guide our decisions for content and design. The latest example is the 1.1.1 update for the Phonograms App available now in the app store.

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Greek and Latin Roots Program

Many people ask us, "What Latin and Greek Roots program do you recommend?"

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Why You Tilt Your Paper When Writing

Why does Logic of English ask students to tilt their paper when they write? Why do we encourage a slant in handwriting? The answer is, "It's natural."
Check out this quick video to learn more.

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Foundations A Now Shipping!

Foundations Level A has arrived from the printer, and is ready to ship. Pre-orders are shipping now.

Phonograms App Now Available

The Logic of English Phonograms App for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch is now Available!

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Rhythm of Handwriting Manuscript Book

The new Manuscript version of The Rhythm of Handwriting program is now available in print!

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Left-Handed Mom



A Guest Blog from Mom and LOE user MaryEllen Beattie:

As a left-handed mom, it was bringing back bad memories of my school days as I watched my left-handed daughter write. She was struggling to hover over the whiteboard in an attempt to not smear the marker with her hand. I could feel her frustration at not being able to form her letters neatly from that position.

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