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Doesn't IE say more than one sound?

This week we had a question about the phonogram IE, the /ē/ of field. Why, someone asked, don't we also list the long I sound as in pie?

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How much should we review after a break?

This week we received the following question from a customer. She is using Foundations B, but her question applies to Essentials and the rest of Foundations as well.

My daughter is in the middle of Foundations book B. Would you be willing to share your thoughts on how much we should go back and review at the beginning of a new school year? Thank you!!


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Using Spelling Rule Cards and memorizing spelling rules

Today a customer wrote us to ask about using Spelling Rule Flash Cards and memorizing the spelling rules in Logic of English lessons. She writes:

My question has to do with the spelling flashcards for Essentials. I am unclear on how we are to use them; is there somewhere in the TM where this is discussed? Do we review the spelling rules daily? Do we expect students to have them committed to memory? When we are dictating words for spelling analysis, I see particular spelling rules referenced. Does the teacher say it, or the student, or only if they need help with the word?

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Scheduling Tips for Essentials 2nd Edition

One of the changes we made in the 2nd edition of Essentials is that each lesson is now divided into parts days for ease of scheduling. However, this more structured guidance is still just a starting point for a variety of pacing possibilities, depending on the student and the situation. Here are some ideas for making Essentials work for you.

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Schedules for Slowing Down Essentials

If you are teaching Essentials and interested in slowing down your pace through the lessons, you may want to try one of the following options:

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Schedules for Essentials with The Essentials Reader

The following schedules are suggestions for those planning to teach Essentials and The Essentials Reader at a typical school-year pace in upper elementary or middle school.

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Scheduling Ideas for Summer Reading Camps and Short-Term Interventions

Fast-paced schedules for Essentials, designed for those who have a narrow window of opportunity to introduce students to as many of the tools for reading as possible.

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Schedules for Intensive Spelling Remediation with Essentials

An older struggling speller who is already reading fluently may either follow the days as outlined in the Teacher's Guide to complete one lesson per week or use one of the following schedules to move more quickly through Essentials in order to improve in spelling as rapidly as possible:

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Schedules for Intensive Reading Remediation with Essentials and the Essentials Reader

Suggested schedules for eight, twelve, or twenty-week reading interventions for older struggling readers.

Why do an intensive course?

When a student is struggling with reading to the point that it interferes significantly with other areas of school or life, it may be worthwhile to set other things aside for a limited time and spend several hours a day with Essentials, then gradually re-introduce other work as the student gains confidence and skill in reading.

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