Why I teach the Logic of English to my EFL students

The Logic of English team is often asked about whether LOE curriculum is helpful for English language learners. As an EFL teacher, I have thought about this question a lot.

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LOE Party - Summer 2015!

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Host a Logic of English party!

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Does Logic of English help strong readers and spellers?

A common question we receive is with whether Logic of English® curriculum is benefical to students who are strong readers or who are already spelling fairly well. For example, last week we received the following email from Chelsea, a homeschool mom using the 1st edition of Essentials:

...I know the program will be great for my three younger children, but I am a bit concerned about whether the Essentials program I ordered will be what my older kids need. They have been taught phonics using [names omitted], both good programs that we have very much enjoyed -- but I feel they have left us with gaps at the upper levels.

It seems that even your advanced spelling lists are below what my older children's reading/spelling level is. My question is, will your program help them spell words like nuisance and words with greater difficulty than that? Will it help them fill in the gaps for advanced words?

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May 2015 Newsletter

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The Five Myths of Phonics

This simple word, defined by Merriam Webster as a method of teaching people to read and pronounce words by learning the sounds of letters, letter groups, and syllables, has been at the center of an educational debate that has continued for over a century. The debate has been so fierce, some people have called it the Reading Wars. Yet despite billions of dollars in reading research and countless trainings and classes offered on how to teach reading, a great deal of confusion remains.

Much of this confusion is due to the persistence of five myths about phonics.

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PRESS RELEASE - Success, No Excuses

Minnesota educational publisher partners with South Carolina school to fight illiteracy

ROCHESTER, MINN. — Pedia Learning, a family-owned Minnesota business that publishes the Logic of English® reading and spelling curriculum, is partnering with Estill Elementary School in South Carolina to combat illiteracy in the Estill community and empower every student in the school to read successfully. Two nonprofit organizations, The National Right to Read Foundation and The South Carolina Literacy Task Force, are joining with Estill and Pedia Learning to support this project.

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Help us support reading at Estill Elementary!

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Do we want Essentials or Foundations?

Last week we received an email from a parent who has been using our Essentials curriculum to teach Logic of English to her young children. More recently, though, she learned about Foundations. Which, she wonders, is best for her kids?

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My kids are still making spelling mistakes!

One day we received an email from Heather, a homeschool mom using Logic of English Essentials (1st edition) with her six- and eight-year-olds. Though they were using the phonograms and rules successfully in isolation, her children were struggling to apply what they are learning while writing.

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Adjusting the pace of Foundations lessons

We recently received the following question from a parent using Logic of English Foundations with her son.

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