Can I start Foundations at B? What materials do I need?

I think Foundations B may be the right starting point for my student. What materials do I need? Is there anything we'll need to go over before starting B?

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What's the difference between Foundations and Essentials?

How do I know if Logic of English Foundations or Essentials is the right starting point for my student?

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Progress Monitoring checklists for Logic of English lessons

Tools to help you track students' progress and provide appropriate review

These progress monitoring checklists, for the review assessments in LOE Foundations and Essentials lessons, are designed to help you keep track of which skills students in your class have mastered and which ones are still developing — as well as which skills need to be mastered before you move on.

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Doodling Dragons app will not survive the next iOS update

A Dragon lives forever, but not so little apps...

Some sad news for the Doodling Dragon:

Apple® will be updating iOS in the fall, and the Doodling Dragons App will not be compatible with this next upgrade. We are taking it down from iTunes® to prevent any confusion.

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Essentials Volume 2: Pre-release PDFs available August 1

Dec. 20 update: Pre-Release Sales are now closed.

Files for Lessons 16-30 are on the way to the printer!
Pre-Orders are now available.

Now available: early access to Lessons 16-30

Plus 65% off the printed books when they are ready!

We are moving into the final stretch of development with the second half of Essentials!

However, in the meantime, we know some of you are eagerly waiting and ready to start. On August 1, we began making pre-release lessons from the second half of Essentials available for purchase in PDF format. Pre-release PDFs can be purchased up until the final files are available for sale.

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June 2017 Newsletter - Master Teacher Training, Whistling Whales and Knitting Knights

In this issue: Summer training in Michigan; Whistling Whales and Knitting Knights now available; updated Foundations sets.

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My favorite reasons to use Foundations

A teacher who uses Essentials wanted to introduce our Foundations curriculum to his colleagues in K-2. He asked us if we would share our favorite reasons to use Foundations. Here are mine!

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Should children be reading fluently by the end of Foundations B?

One day last fall, a customer wrote us with a great question about her son's progress in reading fluency:

I have a question concerning Foundations. I started Foundations A with my son last fall when he was 5 1/2. He enjoyed Foundations A and did fine with the work. We started Foundations B in January or February and did well at first but about halfway through he stopped enjoying it — I suspect because he was overwhelmed with the reading portion.

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February 2017 Newsletter - Sounding Out the Sight Words, Whistling Whales & Knitting Knights, update from Denise

In this issue: Sounding Out the Sight Words available in print, Whistling Whales and Knitting Knights, update from Denise.

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Sounding Out the Sight Words is now available in print!

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