Updated LOE Grammar Flash Cards!

Introducing: Revised, updated, and clarified Grammar Flash Cards!

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February 2018 Newsletter - Essentials, conferences, new phonogram sounds!

In this issue: Essentials 16-22 arrives, 23-30 heads to the printer, our 2018 conference plans, and the phonograms ES and OU.

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Photo Album: Celebrating the Arrival of Essentials 16-22

The Logic of English team is celebrating: Essentials 16-22 is here!

The hard copies of the 16-22 Teacher's Guides, Workbooks, and Morpheme Cards have all arrived at our warehouse, and the first pre-ordered copies are packed to ship out. We also sent 23-30 files to the printers this week.

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Updating Spelling Rule 7: Where I and Y may say long /e/

While working on Essentials in the past year, the Logic of English team started re-examining Spelling Rule 7, which explains where the phonograms I and Y can say the sound /ē/. We found there were some ways we could make this rule more precise and more accurate.

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Introducing the Phonogram ES

As we release the second half of Essentials, Logic of English is introducing a new Basic Phonogram! Learn all about it, and download a free lesson.

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The Fifth Sound of the Phonogram OU

Like many other systematic phonics programs, Logic of English originally taught four sounds of the phonogram OU. Now we teach five.

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December 2017 Newsletter - Essentials 16-30 Files to Printer, Pre-Orders, Update

In this issue: Essentials 16-30 files head to the printer! Learn about pre-orders, the timeline for printed products, and why Volume 2 is splitting into two separate books

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In honor of National Chocolate Day - a free lesson from The Essentials Reader!

This Saturday, October 28, is National Chocolate Day!

In honor of this sweet occasion, we would like to share a special treat with you: a free PDF copy of Lesson 17: The Story of Chocolate from The Essentials Reader.

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October 2017 Newsletter - Moonbeam Award, Miles and Jax, progress on Essentials Volume 2

In this issue: Introducing Miles and Jax. Knitting Knights receives a Moonbeam Book Award. Essentials Volume 2 progress update. Celebrating one year in our new warehouse and office!

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Starting Foundations with children who are already reading

Here is a question we hear sometimes from those switching to LOE with first or second graders, or starting out with a young child who has already begun to read.

If a child is 7 or younger, you recommend starting at Foundations. With a child who is already reading, how does that work? Where do we start? Will it be too easy?

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