Essentials Workbook Changes

  • Logic of English will no longer be offering the Essentials Cursive Workbook.
  • Our next printing of Essentials will not have either a cursive or a manuscript version. It will be handwriting-neutral, usable with either style.
  • In the meantime, the workbook that says “manuscript” will be used as the workbook for all Essentials students. Students may complete the exercises in manuscript or cursive.

Why are you making this change?

  • Less Confusion: Essentials does not include instruction on how to teach handwriting. Rhythm of Handwriting is our product designed to teach older students handwriting.
  • Little Benefit to the Students: Originally, we provided handwriting samples in Essentials Workbook with the thought that they would reinforce good handwriting. Each lesson, however, had only a few pages with handwriting samples, with the rest of the text in a typical bookface font. Students using Rhythm of Handwriting improve their handwriting through explicit instruction and practice. The few samples in Essentials added little additional benefit.
  • Older Students: Many Essentials students have already learned a different form of handwriting. The new workbooks will be handwriting-style-neutral. In the meantime, the handwriting sample words should be treated as any other sample font in other curriculum.
  • Reduced Costs: Printing and warehousing two versions of a workbook adds to the costs. Simplifying our workbooks allows us to keep our production costs lower, resulting in lower end prices for our customers.
  • Distinguish Foundations and Essentials: Foundations A and B do teach handwriting and therefore will always have both a manuscript and a cursive workbook option. This change will help clarify the differences between what is included in Essentials compared to Foundations.

Why does my workbook say Manuscript?

Originally the Essentials Workbook was available in two formats: Manuscript and Cursive. We are discontinuing the handwriting-specific versions and have already sold out of Cursive. When print the workbook for the new edition of Essentials, it will no longer say Cursive or Manuscript in the title and the sample words will be written in a standard bookface font.

2016 Update: We have now sold out of printed copies of both the Manuscript and Cursive first edition Essentials workbooks. PDF 1st edition workbooks are still available.
Essentials 2nd edition
is now available!

What if I am teaching cursive?

  • Use Rhythm of Handwriting to teach cursive. Include Cursive Game Cards in your phonogram practice, and encourage the student to write in cursive in the workbook. There is no difference in your Essentials instruction.
  • If you feel your student would benefit from the pages with the cursive-specific font, we are including a free PDF of a Cursive Handwriting Supplement with all orders for printed the Essentials manuscript workbook while supplies on the printed workbooks last. It is available by logging into your webstore account. From this file, you can print cursive-version copies of any pages that model handwriting whenever your student needs additional handwriting support.

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